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Special Offer: Pre-order your copy of "Pray With Me - 30 Days of Favor" now and receive a book personally signed by the author, Dr. Angela Thibeaux. Don't miss this unique opportunity to own a cherished piece of this transformative journey. Secure your signed copy today!


Pray With Me - 30 Days of Favor" is a deeply enriching devotional designed to guide you through a month of discovering God's abundant favor. Each day introduces a new scripture, inviting you to delve into God’s Word, reflect on His promises, and understand how His favor manifests in various aspects of life.


This devotional is structured to enhance your spiritual journey through daily worship, insightful biblical readings, intentional prayer, and thoughtful reflection. By exploring diverse scriptures, "Pray With Me" provides a comprehensive view of how divine favor operates, from historical blessings to promises of future grace. It encourages readers to:

  • Engage in Daily Worship: Set a foundation for each day with worship that prepares the heart and mind for divine encounters.
  • Explore Scripture: Gain insights from a variety of biblical passages that reveal the depth and breadth of God's favor.
  • Experience Reflective Prayer: Connect with God on a personal level, presenting your needs and desires while opening up to His guidance.
  • Embrace Personal Reflection: Contemplate the daily teachings and apply the principles of divine favor in practical, life-affirming ways.


Whether you are seeking spiritual renewal, need strength in times of challenge, or desire a closer relationship with the Lord, "Pray With Me - 30 Days of Favor" offers a path to deeper faith and understanding. Join us on this journey to embrace the grace of divine favor, day by day, prayer by prayer, as you transform your walk with God and witness the unfolding of His glory in your life.

Pray With Me - 30 Days of Favor

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Expected to ship by July 15th
  • Shipping Information: All orders are subject to a shipping fee of $7.95. Books will be shipped no later than July 15th. Place your order now to ensure timely delivery and start your journey of divine favor with "Pray With Me - 30 Days of Favor."

    VeriSource Chicago and Cartersville Pickup Option: VeriSource Chicago and Cartersville Members have the option to pick up their books at no additional cost. A special code and pickup details will be provided in the Members Only Facebook group. The official pickup date will be announced by July 1st. Make sure to check the group & email for your exclusive code and pickup information.

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