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Presented by
Dr. Angela L. Thibeaux

CALLING ALL LEADERS: Answer the Call to Purposeful Leadership at our Christian Leadership Bootcamp! Join us for three days of empowerment, inspiration, and growth. Through dynamic workshops, interactive sessions, and the integration of biblical teachings with proven leadership methodologies from the military, we will equip you to lead with faith, integrity, and impact. Don't miss this opportunity to ignite your leadership potential and make a difference in the world. Enlist with us and become a beacon of positive change in your sphere of influence.

Army Boots

Join us for a transformative 3-day intensive Christian Leadership Bootcamp where faith and leadership converge to empower individuals to lead with purpose and integrity, integrating the principles of military leadership. Through dynamic workshops and interactive sessions, participants will cultivate essential leadership skills grounded in biblical principles adapted from the proven practices of military leadership. Our mission-first, leader-always approach ensures that each attendee emerges equipped to lead effectively in their respective spheres, driven by a commitment to serve and uplift others, mirroring the dedication to duty and service exemplified by military leaders. Discover your potential, ignite your passion, and become a catalyst for positive change in your sphere of influence and beyond, drawing inspiration from the timeless wisdom of scripture and the disciplined leadership ethos of the military.



  • Continental Breakfast on Saturday

  • Lunch on Saturday

  • Leadership Resource Binder

  • Bootcamp Merch Bundle (Provided upon completion)

  • Formal Certificate of Competion 

Army Boots


Based on your individual commitment and ability to apply principles taught, below are some of the potential outcomes of attending Leadership Bootcamp! 

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