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Join Dr. Angela Thibeaux in the prayer challenge that will ignite praise despite life’s challenges and circumstances. Dr. Angela will share insight, prayer, and strategy for the preacher taken from Ecclesiastes.

Learn More About the Challenge

Learn More About the Challenge

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Commit and participate daily by praying and interacting with others in the challenge!

How this works

Join Dr. Angela in the prayer challenge for the PREACHER. It is our desire to heal, deliver, strengthen, and see personal revival ignited for the Preacher. 


Dr. Angela will share insight and offer prayer taken from the Book of Ecclesiastes written by the man of wisdom, King Solomon. 


The Hebrew title for the Book is “Preacher”.  The Greek word is “Speaker of a Called Out Assembly”, derived from the root word Ekklesia meaning “Church”. It literally speaks directly to the “Preacher to the Church”.


The book expresses Solomon’s writing after a lifetime of seeking after the things of the world in search of peace and joy. 


The book reveals the awakening of a repented preacher when he realizes what he’s been in search of he always had.


We will explore the multiple layers of the book: a caution, a warning, a teaching and a conclusion to the prodigal, the beginner, laborer and the veteran. No matter where you are there is food for the soul of the preacher in this book. 


The Book of Ecclesiastes powerfully depicts the roads, paths, encounters, storms, revelations and triumphs of the Preacher. The calling to preach this great Gospel is both rewarding and sacrificial. Dr. Angela wants to take the time to acknowledge and breathe life into the soul of those who carry the Gospel, because they are needed NOW MORE THAN EVER!

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Our prayers will cover:

  1. Accepting What We Can’t Create

  2. Accepting What We Can’t Change

  3. Accepting What We Can’t Fill

  4. Accepting What We Can’t Feel

  5. Accepting What We Can’t Stop

  6. Accepting What We Can’t Fix

  7. Accepting What We Can’t Say

  8. Accepting What We Can’t Withhold

  9. Accepting What We Can’t Fake

Ecclesiastes 1:4-11

Ecclesiastes 1:12-18

Ecclesiastes 2:1-11

Ecclesiastes 2:12-26

Ecclesiastes 3:1-15

Ecclesiastes 3:16-4:16

Ecclesiastes 5:1-8

Ecclesiastes 5:9-6:12

Ecclesiastes 7:1-12:12

You will also receive TWO special teachings from Dr. Angela entitled

“All is Vanity” & “Courage to be What We Can”


Mentorship Mondays     | 

Thankful Tuesdays          |

Worship Wednesdays    | 

Thoughtful Thursdays    |

Fervent Fridays                 |

SoulCare Saturdays        |

and Sundays

Join Dr. Angela Thibeaux every Monday at 7 pm, cst as she teaches and expounds on each week's theme. 

Our day to thank God for what he's doing! We will share with each other what God is challenging, restoring, and doing in and out of the challenge.

Lets Worship!!! Each week we'll share a worship song centered around our theme and ask each of you to share what you have on repeat too.

We will take control of our thoughts and instill the word by sharing and speaking affirmations and declarations over our lives.

LET US PRAY!!! Join one of our Intercessors live in the group at 7 pm, cst to pray through our theme of the week and bombard heaven! 

Weekends are to take care of our SOULS. Rest, relax, spend time with those we love, and do something that simply lets our souls BREATHE!

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