Join Dr. Angela Thibeaux in the prayer challenge that will ignite praise despite life’s challenges and circumstances. Dr. Angela will share insight, prayer, and strategy taken from some of her favorite psalms. 

About the Book of Psalms

The Hebrew title for the book of Psalms is “Book of Praises.” The English title, however, was derived from the Greek word psalmoi (5568) which means “pious songs” or “music of stringed instruments.”

The Book of Psalms is a collection of the words of at least six authors.

  • David is said to have written 73.

  • Asaph authored 12.

  • Korah wrote 11.

  • Solomon composed 2.

  • Ethan wrote 1

  • Moses possibly wrote 2.

We will explore the five categories of the book; Teaching, Justice from the wicked, Repentance, Worship, and Atonement 


The Psalms powerfully convey the feeling common to believers of all ages. The nature of Hebrew poetry is especially well suited to expressing strong feelings. The psalms are intimately personal in that they explore the whole realm of human emotion: from deep to ecstatic delight; from a yearning for vengeance to a spirit of humility and forgiveness; from earnest pleading with God for protection to jubilant praise for His deliverance. The general principle that can be seen in all of the psalms is that the writers have a serene confidence in God’s guidance and provision.

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