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Admirable Character

Soooo, I believe I have some pretty amazing children. As a parent I admire the kind of people they have turned out to be, TO GOD BE THE GLORY! No, NO, NO, they are not prefect, I still have many petitions on the altar. My girls are truly skilled in their craft and have been able to draw a great following and a pretty amazing supportive community from all over the world. My daughter Brittney has touched a 5 year old girl who has claimed to be her biggest fan and professes that she wants to follow in her foot steps and play the game. She asked for her autograph and now makes her father watch every game and to even take her to the games. I was amazed! LIFE LESSON: Whenever people talked to me about why they love them and support them, EVERYONE mentioned their HUMILITY. Her coach (An ICON in his field) said out of 34 years of coaching Brittney is the best player he has coached and he see's the same quality in Brandi. He said its not just their skills but its her character. IF YOUR CHARACTER IS ADMIRABLE you will draw and keep supporters, clients, followers, customers, etc. Do not sacrifice your character for MONEY or FAME because you'll have to keep doing so to keep it coming. There is no fight between confidence and Humility. YOU CAN EXEMPLIFY THEM BOTH AT THE SAME TIME!

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