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Angela Says

Conquering Mountains

I am a true Mama Bear, mixed with a teacher, strategist and builder. In this instance, that mixture is operating on all cylinders. Yes, I will be all in your business today (thats the Mama Bear part...). I want to catch you before you make any unwise decisions.

Before this COVID-19 outbreak, many of you cried, prayed, begged for an opportunity to change your life for the better. IT'S HERE NOW! You wished you had a chance to get out of debt, clean up your credit, start or invest in your business, start another stream of income, buy stocks, purchase Real Estate, get your vehicle repaired so you are unstoppable, sow a seed in the ministry, purchase empowerment programs, secure a mentor or coach, etc. etc. etc.

Now you have a chance! The agenda of the government is to get you to keep spending your seed as USUAL to keep the economy operating. The problem with the USUAL is that for many of us, it was that usual spending that put us in bondage to debt and oppression and did nothing to impact our future. If the things you spent your money on before did nothing to lend to your future of financial advancement and security, TURN YOUR PLOW!

USE YOUR STIMULUS TO STIMULATE YOUR FUTURE! In the picture below those are mountains behind me. I have chosen to go after them. The mountains that once oppressed and separated me and my family from the life we were created to live, are now my targets. WHAT MOUNTAINS DO YOU PLAN TO CONQUER? Start now creating a better future...those who benefit from our foolish decisions already are...

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