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Healthy Confidence

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

For years I struggled with health issues. As I think about it, the difficulties started in my youth. It was frequent enough that others would say I was just a sickly child. Things got so bad that I would randomly pass out no matter where I was. This made me susceptible to the lies and threats of the enemy that I would die before I turned 40.

No one could ever figure out what was wrong with me. They would prescribe medicines, but they had no real clue of what was wrong. After many years, I finally had a doctor who had them to test my blood for deficiencies. Turns out my levels of major nutrients were basically none existent. The doctor was shocked and asked me how I was able to function. I told him I had no idea and I thought that the way I felt was normal (except for the moments I would become sick). He explained that it was not normal and that because of the many years I was in this condition my body was suffering and responding as a result. This effected my major organs, muscles, and joints.

So the doctor said I needed to jump start my body to produce what it had grown accustomed to not having and not producing. So he gave me large doses of many major supplements. After almost a year my body started to produce. When I tell you it was life changing, I tell no lie.

LIFE TALK: Confidence is like nutrients to the spirit of any person. It is necessary for the proper function of every gift, calling, skill, talent, ability and so on, that anyone has. The Apostle Paul often stated, that concerning Christ and his power he was absolutely PERSUADED. This meant he was certain, set, doubtless, un-moveable even. This unshakable assurance is called CONFIDENCE! Confidence is not a tone of voice, a specific body position or posture. It's not a certain swag or appearance. It is an INTERNAL source that flows through your body like NUTRIENTS. You may not be able to physically see it at work but your entire being and life suffers when it is missing.

A few things to consider:

1. You can not function nor experience the best quality of life without it. It effects your energy, drive, functionality, and daily operations. You will miss out on the fullness of what life has to offer without it.

2. If you are deficient because your bloodline didn't supply it from the womb, or because your natural inclination doesn't produce it, SUPPLEMENT IT! Get connected to sources that supply it, such as, faith in God and His word and a community of people who impart it.

3. If you, like me, lived with the deficiency so long that it has caused you to suffer extremely, prepare for A JUMP START TO YOUR ENTIRE SYSTEM. You are in need of a high dosage in order to FIX and REPAIR the damaged areas as well as kick your system into to motion to consume it. This means many opportunities and challenges to produce victory will be brought before you. Don't just say thank you and take a posture of relief, BREATHE IT IN, let the essence of every victory, breakthrough, deliverance and triumph begin to change your molecular structure until your entire being becomes ABSOLUTELY PERSUADED that victory and security is a natural occurrence in your life.

FAILURE FOR YOU IS A STEPPING STONE, NOT A HEADSTONE! Get up, get healthy and take confidence. WE ALWAYS WIN!

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