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Angela Says

Favor has no competition!

Favor has no competition! One of the advantages to your Sonship is Favor. It's a really strange phenomenon because it is powered outside of your skills, power, influence and grind. Favor has ushered me before some pretty amazing people, places and things. Admittedly I confess that because I didn't recognize it, many times I missed or squandered it. BUT THAT'S OVER! When you have to look around and wonder how you got here because you recognize it was nothing you did and you can't take credit, LOOK UP, THAT'S FAVOR! Because favor is so graceful and just walks right up to you out of the blue, you may feel like its a fluke, a trick, or a scam. THIS IS WHERE WE MISS IT! LIFE TALK: Three things to leverage favor 1. EXPECT IT! In Business, Entrepreneurship, Entertainment, Government, Ministry, etc., remember you are the child of a King. It is your inheritance and it goes everywhere you are. It's attached to your New Name. 2. PREPARE FOR IT! Remember just because it shows up does not mean you will prosper from it. In order to do so, and because you expect it, BE READY! Do your due diligence, have a plan, have an answer, be ready to govern/lead your opportunity. 3. USE IT FOR LEGACY! If you think and create small and selfishly the Oil will stop flowing as soon as you run out of your short term goals. BUT... when you plan for further and greater than you then the demand on favor will continue to pour, LEVERAGE!!! If you want to profit Kingdom Style require God to make you a point of distribution! When you have favor you truly have no competition! Get out of that system and open your eyes and ears to the system that gives you rest and does not require blood. HE ALREADY PAID THAT!

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