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Breaking the Power of Self-Sabotage

Sabotage is a really creepy foe! It sneaks around opportunities, creativity and progression, lurking for a moment to sweet talk you out of moments of greatness.

I hate it, I hate it, I hate it! I have lost a few battles to this not so easily detected adversary. Whether it is self-motivated or aimed at us from elsewhere, it is not to be taken lightly. We are often unaware of its movement around us until it is too late. I’ve noticed a few ways it has gotten me.

1. Flattery: This is the deadliest tactic to me because we are often deceived by its seemingly “for us” words. Flattery has no substance and really doesn’t care about what is best for us. Its aim is to get us to lower our defenses and heighten our vulnerability to deception. Sabotage will use flattery to make us feel good or justified for not rising or standing up, not doing our best, or not challenging ourselves to breakout of our comfort zone. It will comfort you and tell you all the reasons its ok for you to stay right where you are. When you look back you realize those words were not words of a friend or advocate, but rather the voice of an enemy who didn’t want you to become your best self or fulfill purpose.

2. Procrastination: This tactic is full of confusion and lies. There is a certain depth of awareness that we have of the need to change, respond or do. However, we convince ourselves there is no urgency. Sabotage will keep lying to you and making you believe the world, life or people are going to move at your pace and schedule. It says things like, “It’s okay take your time or do it later, they’ll wait, or it’ll still be available!” LIES…. whether that thought comes from personal pride or naivety, it is simply not true. As a matter of fact, this tactic usually cost us the most. We end up paying a high price either financially, relationally, or with loss of opportunities. Even the suffering comes up later. Lol! You don’t realize how much that missed moment cost you until you look back in hindsight, and you are like me you are instantaneously upset, WITH YOURSELF! OMG…I’m getting upset just writing this. Can you tell I hate it? Lol!

3. Fear: This tactic is usually very aggressive and bully like. It beats you into a corner and overly emphasizes its power, weight, impact and influences. It threatens you with the most believable things and dares you to try and stop it. It is very strategic as well. Fear will show up over and over, specifically, at the conception of a thought (to stop you from starting) and at the brink of greatness (to stop you from finishing). It causes you to associate something bad or devaluing happening every time you get close. Soon recall sets in and you begin to stop yourself and become the tool that sabotage uses to do its dirty work.

4. Avoidance: Now this tactic can come disguised as your own idea for coping. When you think of this as a means for self-preservation and self-care, you will likely miss when its being used to sabotage you. In principle to take a moment before addressing things that are going on within ourselves or around us is normal and can give us the space to THINK THINGS THROUGH. However, when the MOMENT causes polarization, stagnation, or complete disconnection, that opens the door for sabotage. Growing forward and finishing stirs some internal and external contention. Its unavoidable. If we detach every time, we experience difficulty or contention, we will never see purpose or dreams come to pass.

5. Lack: This tactic targets poverty-stricken mindsets and non-risk takers. I am more familiar with this tactic than I care to admit. When you experience lack or loss, you use this tactic to prevent the familiar. This thing uses past memories or experiences to trigger or project a seemingly very real reason to not go forward. We say things like, “I don’t have enough, know enough.” Or “It will cost me too much or It won’t work.”. This stops us from putting seed or investment in the ground of our purpose or dreams. We ultimately end up with LITTLE.

Needless to say, sabotage is real and during this time of my life when I am venturing into so many new and amazing, ministry and professional opportunities, I must stay on my toes. Sabotage has been a frequent visitor. Did I mention how much I HATE IT? If you can’t tell, this is personal. Lol! I am writing this because, being a person of action, makes us a target. Admittedly, I have lost some of the battles, but I’ve also won quite a few. I’ve learned that sabotage is relentless, but so am I. I’ve learned to use the principles of wisdom to increase my victories.

· Have a Cause greater than all the tactics sabotage will use: It pulls you out of low and mediocre standards

· Pay attention to the thin lines that separate truth from lies. Be a learner of intelligence, faith principles, self, and others. Knowledge is a source power! Sabotage feeds off of what we don’t know or understand.

· Be sharp (aware), strategic and crafty with the ways you move. Get help from others who can assist you with navigating the land mines. Take counsel from professionals, coaches, mentors, etc. Nobody becomes great alone.

I hope that my experiences and knowledge will help you through yours!

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1 Comment

angela edwards
angela edwards
Mar 08, 2021

Thank you, Dr. Angela,

I am truly grateful to all you pour out. I didn't understand nor did I realize the damage to my soul. Your words have helped me pack up all the damage garments that I had unpacked and left laying around in my soul. Somethings since childhood, I am able to finally face what I feared for years.

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